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Website Under Construction

Expect a NEW Site - Spring 2018


Our apologies to anyone looking for recent
content on our site...

After over ten years, we are going to clean up
our internet content and provide some basic
information as to what the "Good Energy
Training" Experience is all about.

We hope to bring you a more concise version of
our all encompassing Performance Center to reach
the potential customer, the present client and
the proud GE Alum.

Thank you for you patience and feel free to
contact us via email for any questions:

Good Energy Training
Excited for our 15th year of providing GE!

July 4th Schedule

Monday - July 3, 2017


JULY 4th Schedule

We will be open for our normal morning on
Monday, July 3rd. We will not have the 5am Legs
class however the Schedule will be as follows:
5:00am - Total Body
6:00am - Total Body
8:45am - Spin
9:30am - Total Body
10:30am - Lower Body (HS/College)
2:00pm - Total Body (HS/College)
3:00pm - Lower Body (HS/College)

Please call or text to secure your time.

We will be CLOSED on Tuesday 7/04/2017 and will
resume normal Summer schedule on Wednesday the

ENJOY Your Weekend, Have Fun - but Be Safe.

Good Energy Training
It's Personal!
since 2003

Summer has started...

ReUnited in the GE BackYard


Monday - May 16, 2017

Former Don Bosco Prep Ironmen, Brian Gillen
(Dayton) and Brandon Simon (Iowa) are back with
our Team for some Summer 2017 WORK.

Not everyone has the pleasure of being off ALL
Summer or home, but we appreciate any time we
get to provide some GE to our college athletes.

Both Brian & Brandon play Division 1 football,
so it's a plus for our program to have elite
athletes like them present in the GE BackYard
getting their work in our program while they're

Good Energy Training
Your "home" Gym since 2003

The Fitness Club at GE!

KPMG - Montvale & the GE Staff


Spring 2017

After several months of visits, tours and
discussion about our Staff being a resource for
the employees at KPMG-Montvale, we are embarking
on a new venture for our business - Corporate

As of Monday, May 8, 2017 we will be providing
lunch time training for KPMG employees that want
to become a part of the KPMG Fitness Club
chaired by long time employee, Terri Peri.

The Fitness Club will have full access to our
facility for classes, cardio and the GE fitness

We are excited to open our doors to this new
team and hope we will over deliver for each
fitness club member individually so they can
achieve lasting positive health changes.

Good Energy Training
It's Personal!
since 2003

Spring 2017 - Week #9

The Process


Pictured is sophomore All League basketball
player from Northern Highlands - Morgan

Morgan is performing a resisted sled sprint
during her private training session this Spring.
Morgan has switched up her routine this Spring
as she wants to maintain her strength on Tueday
& Thursday, but focus on athletic movement &
mobility on Friday in a private session.

Morgan is currently playing on her AAU team, but
wants to improve her lateral quickness and
explosiveness during this Spring season to
improve her athleticism for the college
recruiters to see during her Spring/Summer AAU
basketball season.

We are excited for what is to come for Morgan
and we will continue to be diligent with
improving all facets of her athletic
development. We have already seen her make great
strides this Spring and will monitor her

Good Energy Training
Proven Results since 2003

Week #4 - Spring 2017

NEW Athlete's buying IN


The Shop

Michael Ghiorsi is one of twenty NEW GE Clients
that are from the Ramsey High School basketball
team that have started training in our Program
this Spring.

Mike not only plays basketball but is a pitcher
on the Varsity baseball team. We needed to start
from square one with Mike & many of his
teammates who have played a lot of sports since
elementary school, but have not performed a
serious strength training program.

With exercises like this cable machine rope rear
delt, we are quickly getting two sport athletes
like Mike to believe in our program.

The boys are starting to realize that our
Strength & Conditioning program is truly
"fitness with weights" and that it will help
them play better In Season by building strength
& flexibility all Spring.

Good Energy Training
Educating NEW clients is the Key
Since 2003

GE Kid's Program

Spring 2017


The BackYard

Don't forget that we are offering Kid's Classes
this Spring!

Tuesday & Thursday we will teach 2nd-5th graders
how to line up, stretch, run, jump rope, perform
sit ups and be coachable from 4-5pm.

On Friday we will offer Field Day Fun & Fitness
in which we will provide FUN Games after school
from 3:30-4:30pm.

Go to our Spring Schedule on the homepage to
learn about ALL our Kids & Jr. High Programs
this Spring. Don't just have your daughter or
son do gym and play sports - work on being
healthy & fit too!

Good Energy Training
Its' Personal!
Since 2003

GE Closed - Tuesday PM - 3.14.2017

Spring 2017 - Blizzard


Allendale, NJ

We had a great start this morning with some
folks driving through the early part of today's
storm, but the snow keeps dumping down on
northern NJ.

Stay safe, use your legs & core when shoveling
and we hope to be Open & Ready to attack our
Wednesday tomorrow.

Good Energy Training
It's Personal!
since 2003

Tyler Bishop turns Pro!

February 21, 2017


We are thrilled to announce that Tyler Bishop
(Ramsey High School/UMass-Boston) has signed a
professional contract today with the Arizona
Affiliate, Rapid City Rush in the ECHL.

Congratulations to the Bishop's and Best of Luck
in South Dakota, Tyler!

Good Energy Training
Train Like a Pro, with a PRO!
Since 2003


Tonight - Wednesday 2.22.17 7:30-8:30pm


~ yoga
$15. Introductory Rate
WALK IN'S - Welcome...

Adults, Athlete's, Yoga enthusiasts or

Come practice with Pattie Henry
& Recover - Reset - Stretch & Reload
@goodenergytraining #ge #geyoga #wednesday
#ge4u #recover #reset #stretch

Happy President's Day!

Monday - February 20, 2017


We Are OPEN!

Normal hours today & tomorrow during February
Break 2017.

Call or text to confirm if your schedule will be
different due to no school, etc.

"The TIME" to start your Spring 2017 program is
NOW! We block our training program into 12-14
week sessions so we can be accountable for your
Fitness & Performance goals.

However, the moment you are prepared to try your
FREE Intro/Assessment, that IS the Time to Start
incorporating Good Energy Training into your
weekly routine.

Good Energy Training
Consistency is a Constant!
Since 2003

Mahwah and Ramsey Lacrosse



Friday: 2/10/17

After postponing Thursday night's TEAM Sessions
due to a February snowstorm, we regrouped on
Friday and got the session in.

The Mahwah & Ramsey girls were unaware that on
Friday afternoon they would both be scheduled to
perform their Team Training together in the GE

After a few minutes of awkwardness, GE Strength
Coach Kevin Cline broke the ice and explained
how we have trained athletes from ALL schools in
ALL sports since 2003 and that "EVERYONE is on
the GE TEAM."

We proceeded to intermingle the girls in the
YardWork session and it really ended up to be a
great workout for everyone. We look forward to
seeing all the girls play this Spring and will
remember this workout for sure if and when they
play against each other.

Good Energy Training
It's Personal - even Team Training!
since 2003

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