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Fall 2013


Too often Our Facility gets labeled by misinformed "outsiders" by being a "FOOTBALL Place!"

That could NOT be further from the Truth. Good Energy Training is a Professional Strength & Conditioning for ALL walks of Life that want a structured Training Program for the Inner Athlete in them.

Pictured is Terri Peri prior to her swim from Alcatraz in CA this Fall. Women & Girls have highlighted the MOST Successful Fall in our 10 year history including Clare Shea, Hana Kerner & the NH Soccer Team facing Allie Neumann & the IHA Blue Eagles in the County Final Game this Sunday. Alex Garrett is fully recovered from her ACL Surgery last Fall thanks in part to her HARD WORK with us at GE! Karissa Ciliento continues to Lead Lafayette's Volleyball Team in Patriot League Play. Melanie Everett is dancing at Ohio State. Geeja Martone is leading Ramsey into the 1st Round of the State Soccer Tournament... the List goes on, but one thing is certain - Women, Girls & people committed to Training Hard & not making Excuses Excel in our Program.

Good Energy Training
Everything to Prove 2013

Allendale 5K Festive Run!

Sunday - October 27, 2013


Allendale, NJ

The Allendale Recreation Commission did a great job yesterday with their 7th Annual 5K Run. It was Halloween "Dress Up" Optional - & the Committee did a Super job with the exuding a Fall/Halloween theme at the Red Barn by Crestwood Lake.

The weather was perfect as was the beautiful foliage surrounding the park. Next year we need to shake the trees for more runners, but we were excited to Sponsor the Run and glad to have some GE Representation on the course! Thank you - Ellen, Bullet, Dee, Cindy & Arlene for taking a pre-race minute for this photo opportunity. There were many more GE Clients in attendance, racers as well as Race volunteers.

Way to Go - Allendale!

Good Energy Training!
Hard Work - Pays Off
(since 2003)

Jason McCourty Leads GE Highlights

Weekend Round Up - October 14, 2013


So much to tell about our GE Athlete's Each Monday. Why we do what we Do - so You Perform Great on Game Day!

Jason McCourty maximized on a botched snap vs. the Seahawks & scooped/scored on a 77yd return.

Jess Cuttone led the Mahwah TBIRDS scoring the only goal in a 1-0 Win vs. Glen Rock in the Country tournament.

Mahwah will play defending Champion Northern Highlands who won 5-0 thanks to 2 goals & assists by GE's Hana Kerner.

The Ramsey girls won 2-0 thanks to 2 goals scored by Geeja Martone.

The Ramsey Boys Soccer team defeated Waldwick 2-1 in OT.

The County Final Field Hockey game will once again be Ramsey vs. Northern Highlands thanks to mirrored 1-0 victories in the semifinal games.

Jake Donnarumma returned to action for RHS Football by scoring 3 TDs rushing and 1 receiving from Matt Butler as the Rams beat Dumont.

Great Weekend for Good Energy Training and we will continue to update our site so you can hear about our Athlete's Success IN ACTION - Proof that the GE Training Program WORKS!

Good Energy Training

Proud to Support TEAM RUBENSTEIN

Sunday - September 29, 2013


Bergen County Bike Tour

For the past 5 years or so it has been our pleasure sponsoring Dr. Andrew Rubenstein and his team of riders in this Special Event to raise money for the Hackensack University Medical Center and the Bergen County Blood Center.

This year was extra special because one of our Strength & Spin Coaches - Victor Orellana actually rode with Dr. Drew's team.

Great event for a great cause and glad that we could be a part of it!

Good Energy Training

Happy Saturday - GE Website Viewers

Saturday - September 28, 2013


It's GORGEOUS OUT in Northern NJ today!

What are you up to? I thought about posting a picture from the Ramsey freshman football game from this morning, but we already have a Ton of Football pictures on the site.

I decided to post something more Moving! Be Happy! Get out of your funk and LIVE! It's Saturday... Do something outside. Do something FUN! Be Happy! Go Play, Ride a Bike or Pick Apples... Good Energy IS a Training Center but it's Also a Mantra, a Mojo, a Way of LIFE! It's Being ALIVE, Being Present & Giving 100% IN THE MOMENT...

Hope U ALL have a FUN Weekend!

Good Energy Training

Add the 2013-14 Ramsey Hockey Team to the GE List

Tuesday - September 24, 2013


Pictured is Tyler Bishop - now playing for UMASS-Lowell. Tyler was a "Late Bloomer" in our training as he won a State Championship for the Ramsey HS Hockey team and went to Juniors before he chose to train with us this past Summer.

He went back to College and crushed his Conditioning Tests - Jacked Up he decided to Train with The GE TEAM this past Summer.

Fast forward to this Fall. We are excited to extend our hours for the RHS Hockey Team this Fall. Because of the emphasis on playing Club hockey in the Fall - we have a limited time in which the boys can get in. Not only are they skating a lot during the week, they also are expected to perform their team's DryLand training.

We will now open our Program four days per week: Mon & Wed at 7pm and Tue & Thur at 6pm to satisfy everyone's schedule. The first two days of the week will be Total Body Strength work and the latter two days will be Upper Body Strength.

We are excited to get in as many RHS Hockey players as possible so the team is Loaded with Good Energy this Winter. Teams that TRAIN Hard Together with the GE PROGRAM in the Pre Season Perform Better IN SEASON!

Good Energy Training


Wednesday - September 18, 2013


at the Shop

Miscommunication amongst Ramsey Hockey players and GE yesterday, but this Program will start on Thursday with Upper Body WORK.

Looking forward to implementing the Program that helps jump start the Rams for their 2013-14 & finishing with a State Finals Championship in the Rock - Prudential Center in Newark, NJ.

Good Energy Training

What are U Training For?

A few GE Clients TRI'ed Something NEW!


Thanks to "IN HOUSE" Triathlon veteran Terri Peri, we now have several more who can claim to be TRI Athletes.

Kristin Shute & Dee Cheyne joined Terri in the New Jersey Shore - Sprint TRI last Sunday (9/08/13) in Atlantic Highlands, NJ. They trained HARD not only at GE but in the pool, lake, on the road cycling & in the Spin Room as well as Road Work on foot.

Such a great feeling to have adults physically GOING FOR IT this Summer and accomplishing their Fitness Goals.

Thank you to Terri Peri for Motivating, Inspiring & reassuring Kristin & Dee throughout the process as they trained together for this event. Several of our clients went down to cheer them on so I think we may have a larger GE TEAM competing in the next TRI.

GE Pass IT On!
Good Energy Training

Happy Labor Day - GE!

September 2, 2013


WORK n. 1 effort exerted to do or make something; labor

What we do, make, teach & specialize IN at Good Energy Training. "Labor Day" might as well be "New Year's Day" at GE.

A Much Needed RELOAD before we Experience the Success of our Fall Athlete's & Build Up our Winter Athlete's this Fall.

It's a satisfying Annual Cycle that Now includes Adults that Love being part of Our TEAM & Fueling Often with the Power of GE!

Enjoy your Day - website viewers. It's Exciting to see how Large Our GE Family has Grown in 10 Years & we can't wait to see what the Fall will bring starting tomorrow. #WORK #EVERYTHINGTOPROVE #GOODENERGYTRAINING

Fall Pre Season Training

August 27, 2013


Justin Larkin #1 - Ramsey Goalie
North Jersey Player of the Year
Newark Star Ledger - 2013

It was great training Justin Larkin this Summer as he prepared for the Next Level at Marist College this Fall. Thanks to the help & guidance of Maria Mountain (Canadian Goalie Training Guru) we set Justin up for Success at the Club Level for Marist with our Goalie specific sessions.

We hope that area hockey players will follow suit this Fall. Our "DryLand" Training will make you More explosive on the Ice. We have trained many hockey players the past 10 years and understand the Balance between Club Hockey commitment in the Fall & Preparing for the Winter high school season. Trust the GE TEAM to get the Job done so your hockey player skates Strong in the Fall & Excels in the Winter. That's Good Energy Training

Week 1 - Fall 2013

Monday, August 26, 2013


Quan Muhammad's BackYard Training loaded his tank with Good Energy before he headed to University of Miami.

Now Quan & several other of our D1 Athletes are starting their games. Miami plays Florida Atlantic, Rutgers plays at Fresno State on Thursday night.

It's exciting to experience how our Athlete's perform in their Sport. After all, our Preparation is for one purpose - to enable our Athlete's to Play Better because of Our Training. Best of Luck to those starting their Seasons this week & Be sure to keep Us in the Know at Good Energy Training.


GE Strength Coach Places 2nd

D'Andrea Excels in 1st BodyBuilding Competition


Union, NJ
Kean University

In his hometown of Union, Chris D'Andrea did not disappoint anyone with a Strong 2nd place finish in the Novice Middleweight Class on Saturday, August 17, 2013 in the NJ NPC Bodybuilding Competition.

For the past 30 weeks Chris has dieted, Trained like a Man possessed and Worked his normal schedule at Good Energy Training. He should be commended for his HARD WORK & Commitment for this Show - his first one. His 100% EFFORT Paid Off - Congratulations, Chris!

Good Energy Training

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