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December 28, 2012


Everyone is into our YardWork Friday!

Adults: 5am & 9:30am
Kids: 4pm
Teens: 5pm

Alternative Training with an INTENSE Atmosphere and Competitive Spirit in the GE BackYard! Stations, Circuits, Timed Exercises, LOUD Music & Plenty of sweat & Effort!!

If you have not tried it, but want to see what it's ALL about, ...give us a Call.

Good Energy Training
Making a Difference for YOU in 2012!


Wednesday - December 26, 2012


Plenty of Good Energy Training on Tuesday even though the Shop was closed! It was Christmas Day! :)

Today we are Back to our Normal schedule.

Kids Class at 5pm
Teens Class at 6pm
Core & Conditioning for both

Ramsey Football at 7pm

Adult Class at 8pm - Total Body

We will be back in at 5am on Thursday and will resume our Normal Routine until New Year's Eve on Monday.

Call to make your appointment for Class or just come and get some Good WORK In!

Good Energy Training
Making a Difference for you in 2012,...until the END!

Christmas Eve/New Years Eve Schedules

Monday 12/24 & 12/31 at GE!


5am - Adult Class
6am - Adult Class & P/T Sessions
7am - 9am P/T Sessions
9:30am - Adult Class
10am - P/T Sessions
11am - RHS Football
12pm - COLLEGE GE!
1pm - COMBO CLASS (Kids/Teens)
2pm - CLOSED

We will open a little later on 12/26 & 01/02, 7am for the first Adult Class of the Day and then we will have a Normal WORK Day!

Thank you for "working with Us" on the Holiday Schedule and we look forward to providing gr8 WORKouts during your Holiday season.

Good Energy Training
Making a Difference for You in the end!


Waterville Valley Ski Academy


New Hampshire

Ashley's IN SEASON! You don't have to know a lot about skiing to know that Ashley is Tearing Up the Mountain in this picture!!


Ashley Trained her Tail Off since she came home in March. 100% No Excuses, during 8th grade graduation parties, jaunts to the beach & everything else some normal 8th graders do. But Ashley was different. She woke up for GE, she got in late to get her GE in,...Ashley Gets IT. Her Mom and Dad are supportive, but it was Ashley who knew that ALL the WORK she put in with us would lead to Fearless Runs in her Alpine Skiing this Winter.

This is GE People - - -this IS GE!
Keep IT Going - Ash...

Good Energy Training
Train Like a Pro with a Pro!




MONDAY - 12.17.12

WINTER SPECIAL for College Students/Athletes starts TODAY! Call: 201-760-9900.

First 12 Slots on a first come, first serve basis. TWO DIFFERENT PROGRAMS. One program is the regular Strength & Power Program for Athletes and the 2nd Program is for Classes open to College Students for the 4-6 weeks you are home for Break.

Get IN Shape this Break! Don't lay around at home GET NEW GE in your Life at the Beginning of the NEW YEAR!

Good Energy Training
ALL IN - 2013 .

Good Energy Training TODAY:

Sunday, December 16, 2012


9am Adult Class: Core/AbZ/Cardio & Stretch
10am Strength & Power
11am Combo Kids Class: Speed & Agility
12pm Open Gym - Unlimited Adult GE!

Enjoy your Sunday - Stay EnerGizEd...

Good Energy Training
Making a Difference for You in 2012!

Start your 2013 GOALS - NOW!

Adult 1on1 Training in the GE BackYard


We have been sharing so much about our Team Training & Classes that we have neglected the root of Good Energy Training.


Pictured is JoAnn. An Allendale, NJ Resident with a high powered job as well as Mom duties, but that doesn't Stop her from getting GE 3x per week to Fuel her busy weeks which include travel!

No Excuses for JoAnn! Don't be misled that Good Energy is Only for Elite Athletes. We Pride Ourselves on Training anyone who is willing to WORK HARD & Believe in Our Style of Training. We have had an Influx of New Clients, so I guess the Secret is out that not only will you get a gr8 Workout, You leave with some GE MOJO too! :)

Good Energy Training
Making the Difference for you in 2012!

...Another FIRST in 2012!

13 Pieces of Cario - FULL


Allendale, NJ

Last night was the 1st Day & Introduction of the Winter Strength & Conditioning Program for the Ramsey HS Football Team. We had 13 sign up for this 6 Week Trial Program & Everyone was Ready to WORK!

FOOTBALL TEAMS that WIN in December - i.e. STATE CHAMPIONS, start their WORK Together in the Winter. Team Bonding, Competition in the Weight Room and Camraderie amongst teammates happens by Working Hard together in the Off Season and we look forward to creating that Environment for the Rams this Winter.

Good Energy Training
Making a Difference for You in 2012!


State Champion!


Allendale, NJ

Ramapo Sophomore Anthony Scher Long Snapper heard about GE through his Varsity High School Football Coach, Drew Gibbs. Coach Gibbs told Anthony that he could improve his snapping by going to a Coach in Allendale at Good Energy Training, instead of going to a 3 day Camp in Deleware costing near $1,000.

Not only did Anthony improve his snap with GE Owner Pete Ohnegian during the 3 months he worked on his craft, he mentally became Stronger knowing he had mastered the skill and could repeat the cues taught to him in early July.

When it came time to fill in for the punt snapper in the State Championship Game, Anthony had no problem sprinting off the sideline and zipping a strike to the punter. As the clock ticked down and the game came down to a 48 yard field goal attempt, Anthony went through his cues and executed a perfect snap that started the Game Winning Play - a 48 yard field goal.

It was a Moment of a Lifetime for Anthony and his parents and we are very Proud of him at Good Energy Training.

Making a Difference for You in 2012!


Sat/Sun - December 8 & 9th at Good Energy Training


Adult Classes
9am - Total Body

Combo (Kids/Teens)

Adult Class
9am - Arms-Core & Conditioning

Combo (Kids/Teens)

Open Gym - Sunday
For Unlimited Adult Class Members


Ramsey High School Field Hockey


All-Bergen First Team

Caliento had 16 goals and 14 assists. She was a key part of Ramsey’s team the last two years as the Rams went 16-4-2 in 2011 and 18-3 this year, winning two league championships. She is headed to Holy Cross on an athletic scholarship.

Rae trained ALL Summer with Good Energy Training. She was already a super player before she Trained Hard with GE. The All Star recognition is Proof that GE TRAINING can get a dedicated, committed student-athlete to the Next Level.

Good Energy Training
Making the Difference for You in 2012

Check out what GE SANTA is "Giving" to ALL of YOU

2013 Winter Class Specials


The GE Jacked Santa is offering SPECIAL Pricing to NEW Clients as well as GE Regulars. Regardless if you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza or something else - if you Want Good Energy Training, we are making IT more affordable for yoU!

We are celebrating one year in our NEW facility by sharing it with More of the Tri State Area! Don't just Follow us on Facebook, come in to GE and try it yourself. We will be hosting Workshops & Intro Classes so stay tuned. In the meantime, Go to the Gallery & Click on "ALL IN - 2013" to see our Adults, Kids & Teen Specials for GE Classes this Winter!

Good Energy Training
Making a Difference for yoU in 2012!

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