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HS Spring Sports are here

Wednesday - 3.23.2016


State Sectional Finals - 2008

Pictured is Mahwah HS's Zak Palmer #24 scoring the winning run in Mahwah's State Sectional Final win nearly eight years ago.

To ALL the parents who are just realizing that high school sports are for the most part six days per week - that is the fact.

Now, you can see how the season plays out and enjoy your son or daughter playing, or you can maximize on what we specialize in which is your student athlete's physical preparation to play at their best and minimize injury.

We understand that the sports schedule and school requirements are demanding enough, but if your son/daughter truly wants to play at their best and has aspirations to play collegiate sports, then training is a given aspect to the equation.

Therefore, we are trying to provide a resource that will be expected once your high schooler moves on to the next level. We are trying to help your son/daughter play great now, minimize their risk for serious injury by performing our In Season program and sharing with them what will be expected should they play after high school.

We are flexible with IN SEASON Spring student athletes as schedules change as does the weather, so we prepare for the unexpected late entry student athlete and have an understanding that he/she will try to get in 1 to 2x per week dependent on their commitment and schedule.

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Easter Week - 2016

Hours & Classes On Schedule


Allendale, NJ

Our Spring Training is not affected by Spring Break this week or Easter festivities.

We realize that many schools will be closed for Good Friday, but we plan on having our normal YardWork Friday with Spin at 6am.

Let us know if you would like to get in for a different class or switch times do to no school or practice changes.

We do think that the snow fall is officially over with the dusting from Sunday into Monday, so get into Spring Mode and let us know when you will get your GE "In" if you are a Spring athlete. Don't skip out on training while you are In Season as our program prepares you to Play at your Best, Balances your Body and prevents your risk for injury.

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GE Youth: 6th & 7th Graders

SPRING YardWork is here at GE!


Allendale, NJ
GE BackYard

After a hiatus, we are once again offering a "YardWork - BootCamp" for our GE Youth clients in 6th and 7th grade Wednesday's at 5pm.

The Class will consist of a dynamic warm up, alternative strength exercises utilizing alternative Strength equipment including:
Sleds, Ropes, Kettlebells, etc.

We will provide the following GE Youth Classes:

3/07-5/28 2016

$35. / Class for 1x week
$30. / Class for 2x week

Monday - Total Body Strength Training
Tuesday - Speed/Agility - Linear w/Mechanics
Wednesday - GE BootCamp
Thursday - Change of Direction

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since 2003

...not Springing ahead just yet!

Don Bosco Prep - State Finals Tonight - 7pm


Toms River, NJ

Before we move our clocks forward before bed tonight or first thing tomorrow morning, Don Bosco Prep & Brandon Anderson #2 have a few more drives and points to score tonight at 7pm vs. St. Augustine of southern New Jersey.

This will be the first time since 1970 if Don Bosco Prep can win tonight in the State Final Non Public A game.

We have been spoiled with unseasonable weather this week in northern NJ and Spring truly has sprung with regard to our Spring Athletes beyond cuts already and playing on their fields although the only green is the artificial turf.

A few more Winter games to play including this game for Brandon Anderson #2 and Don Bosco Prep as well as Tyler Bishop & UMASS-Boston in the NCAA Hockey Playoffs this weekend vs. defending Champion - Trinity College.

Best of Luck to ALL our Athlete's competing this weekend including the baseball players getting a fresh start in sunny Florida.

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Week #2 - Spring 2016

Simon prepares for IOWA Football


Allendale, NJ

Brandon Simon preparing for a Clean during Thursday's Power workout.

We scaled back the weight percentages this week so we could focus on great technique moving the weight in ALL 3 of our Main lifts: Squat, Bench & Clean.

Guys like Don Bosco Prep's Senior football standout Brandon Simon need to be prepared to lift properly before they head to their respective college's for the first time.

Since 2003 we have prided our program on properly preparing athletes for the Next Level and now is the time to perfect technique and eliminate any bad habits that may have been created by pushing weight around in a high school weight room with peers.

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Spring 2016 is Upon Us...

Friday - March 4, 2016


It does not seem like one year ago that GE's Karl Kreshpane was playing vs. Syracuse in the NCAA Lacrosse tournament, but College Spring sports have started already.

We are not ready to get rid of Winter yet as we have State Championship Hockey titles to Win and State basketball games to win as well.

Our In House Spring begins on Monday, March 7, 2016 so despite the snowflakes that will arrive today - we will be starting a new 12 week period from 03/07 to 05/28/16 the Saturday prior to Memorial Day.

We will be highlighting our Special Programs including our "Spring 2016 Special" for In Season High School Athlete's - 1x per week for 12 sessions is $420. - $60 off the regular price.

Spartan Race Prep classes begin on Thursday night at 7pm, so if you are planning to do the Spartan Race Circuit or you are trying your first obstacle course race this Spring/Summer, come train with our "in house Expert" Victor Orellana, who can guide you through the Climbing rope, talk you over obstacles and provide a checklist for Do's & Don'ts as you prepare for your first race.

Good Energy Training is excited for a great Spring season of Training as we have several new faces from Don Bosco Prep's State Championship Football team preparing for Division I Football with our program.

Call today to find out more about our Spring Programs and how to get started on getting to the NEXT LEVEL in your Fitness.

Good Energy Training
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Testing - Winter `16 - Phase II

in the Books, ...Back TO WORK.


Allendale, NJ

Pictured is Brad Kroepke, Indian Hills HS two way All League Lineman.

Brad doesn't look cocky or showy in this picture does he? Because he takes our program and Testing Week seriously at GE.

Our Program puts a lot of emphasis on the Testing Phases of our Program because it validates that our system works, and provides a competitive environment and culture in our facility to step up and dare to be great.

Unlike the idea that "Getting a #" is an unsafe practice and Not Important in some Strength & Conditioning programs, we relish in the opportunity to develop the student athletes and challenge them with the idea of getting stronger and increasing their strength through a Results based program that has evolved over 30 years.

Brad is a great example of how our program works. He has trained with our staff over one year - has made tremendous strength gains, changed his body composition, played without injury earning first team all league and is currently being recruited for football as a high school junior.

Our "proof in numbers" are the number of new student athletes that we introduce to our program because of testimonials from friends or colleagues that our program really works.

Way to Go - Brad and ALL our High School and College Athlete's that made gains in Phase II of our Winter 2016 program.

It's time to attack the last week of Winter and go into Spring 2016 - GE Game Ready!

Good Energy Training
It's Personal!
since 2003

Winter 2016 - Phase II

TESTING WEEK: 2/22 - 2/26 2016


We are real excited to see how our Winter Athlete's have progressed in our program.

Since we started in 2003 we have evolved our training program with an old fashioned strength training template and have subtly infused new age "cutting edge techniques."

We are still big believers in our "Personal Approach" to Training and by evaluating and pre-screening each athlete, we can come up with an appropriate plan and specific strength & conditioning goals for each student athlete in our program.

This is a Big Week because when Athlete's can achieve their short time Strength goals, we know that our Program is on track and their Success in our program will lead to excellence on the playing field for them.

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Monday - February 15, 2016

GE Winter Update


President's Day - Monday

So, it's business as usual at GE Training today and this week. Some school districts have off Monday and Tuesday while others have Winter Break this week.

We have our Normal scheduled "PRE-TESTING WEEK" for our High School Athletes that have been preparing the last eleven weeks in our program. Squats, Bench Press & Cleans will be written to reflect the appropriate weights for each athlete's personal percentages to prepare them for success during next week's Testing Phase II for this Winter's program.

Due to a 14 week program, we can provide an appropriate transition period following testing to send our athlete's into their Spring season in Game Ready shape and prepared to perform at their best from Day 1.

Pictured is Brandon Anderson who is playing at his best right now for the Don Bosco Prep Ironmen as they head to the Semi Finals of the Bergen County Jamboree Tournament and in the Non Public State Playoffs.

We are excited for our Winter Athlete's that are playing at their Best as the Season is on the line because they have trained All Spring, Summer and Fall for this moment.

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President's Weekend - February 2016

Friday 2/12/16 - Tuesday 2/16/16


Killington, VT

Megan & Michael Bernius getting a few runs in this morning before they get a little Hot Cocoa and warm up in the lodge today.

Good Energy Training will have our normal hours and regular schedule on Saturday, Monday and Tuesday.

Please be kind and let us know if you are away for a long weekend or for this week as we will be preparing as if everyone is in unless we hear from you.

Enjoy your Family time, but remember that Spring is around the corner despite the frigid temps in the northeast this weekend.

Good Energy Training
It's Personal!
since 2003

Thursday - January 21, 2016

New Beginnings for GE...


Today marks Day #2 for GE Owner Pete Ohnegian and his internship supporting Army Football's Strength & Conditioning Program.

In addition, Don Bosco Prep's ALL State Center Mike Maietti, brought along a teammate to spread the GE - Brandon Simon, All American Defensive End committed to the University of Iowa.

We are excited to learn from our experiences inside Michie Stadium at West Point and will pass along our new information and established Next Level training program to our newest client, Brandon Simon.

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since 2003

Saturday - January 23, 2016



Allendale, NJ

The Storm/Blizzard is here... but with only an inch or so, we are shoveled out and ready for a solid Saturday morning of training before we go out and make our snowman and try some sledding.

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