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Goals - Events or Lifestyle?

Summer 2014


Our Director of Spin & Personal Trainer - Victor Orellana is the Master of the Spartan Races & Tough Mudders. Vic spends extra time teaching clients and friends of clients how to climb the rope in the GE Backyard and mentors them on the mental aspect of these races and all little nuances from wearing long socks to relaxing as you perform the obstacles.

He usually is accompanied by his girlfriend Gabrielle (pictured) as he did this past Sunday in Tuxedo, NY - 6/01/14.

Vic loves these challenges and signs up for several obstacle races and 5Ks throughout the year as they Fuel him and motivate him to get the extra workouts in.

Victor also teaches Spin 5x per week as that is one of his fitness passions. He has always had a Spinning Following and it is another way for him to give a great workout and receive one at the same time.

What are we getting at? It's great to have a race or event be the light at the end of your tunnel or goal to work toward, but ultimately we are trying to inspire people to live a healthier lifestyle by supplying GE Training and our fitness program to your daily/weekly routine.

Professional Athletes train to fuel their bodies, recover and prepare to play at their best. It has been proven that today's adults are too sedentary and that just 30 minutes of exercise can be a big boost in better mental health as well as providing more energy to live.

Our Ultimate Goal at GE is to make Fitness and our Training become a priority to you and that you feel better and Live with more energy because of your Work with our Team.

It's not too late - try one of our Adult Classes for Free and see how our training program is different then your warehouse bootcamp or park workout for less than $15/session.

For the same amount or a few dollars more you can train with Us and be Motivated for Life!

Good Energy Training.
Train like a Pro with a Pro!
since 2003


Winter 2014


We purposely chose this Winter Ad for the Photo for this Information because the Athletes that TRAIN THE MOST in Our Off Season or Preseason Programs are also the athletes that Excel the BEST in their Sport for their team.

The Sports Performance Training Program is similar to what Pro Athletes or Division 1A College athletes are asked to do to Play at Their BEST. We are a Resource for you to get that Stretch Workout, Recovery Workout, In Season Lift, Squat/Bench/Clean in the Off Season or Speed & Agility Session.

We will 1st have your son/daughter perform an Initial Assessment or Introduction Workout ($150.) to Introduce our Training Program, Expectations and see if the GE Sports Performance Program is a good fit for your son or daughter & whether they would be a fit for Us. We are NOT a Gym but rather a Team of People that have the same mindset when it comes to Training and Performing at our Best. That is why we have Athletes from Rival High Schools & Colleges Training Together because they know it's ultimately Our Training Program that helps Fuel them to Be the Best they can Be.

Following the Intro/Assessment we will sit with you and your son/daughter and determine what we think will best suit them to accomplish their training goals - i.e. Strength, Speed, Flexibility or a combination of All three. Then we make the program with your help as far as days/week - times, etc.

Our Program is not a cookie cutter Workout because we will coordinate the schedule with you and explain why we think your son/daughter should perform the proposed workouts, etc. Our Program however is a formula we have created over the past 20 years and has been tested by Professionals thru Beginners. We can Train Athletes of ALL Levels in our Program and that is why we feel we are so different than any other facility. A beginner can feel like a Pro, and the Pro Athletes at our facility remember when they were Beginners in Our Program.

Please Feel Free to Call Us for more information but we recommend that you Call to set up an appointment to tour our facility and see first hand what the Elite Athletes are doing at our facility to get your son/daughter involved in the Best kept secret around - 10 years and Growing by the minute...

See you soon, and you will continue to see our Athletes in the Town Journal, Suburban News, Bergen Record & Sports Illustrated.

Exciting times at Good Energy Training - get on board! :-)

The Staff at Good Energy Training


Stay GE FIT All Season & Finish Strong


You know the Drill. Athletes Train so Hard ALL Summer and head back to Pre-Season in August and start their seasons 10-15 pounds down by the first game. Lost is the Lean Muscle mass added to protect the body but also to increase performance thru Strength gains...

At Good Energy Training we will be hosting IN SEASON Training on Monday nights at 7pm, Wednesday at 7pm and Saturday at Noon. It's important to maintain your Strength & Flexibility regiment throughout your season so you can Finish your Successful season in the same condition in which you began. Of course you must anticipate aches, pains, tweaks, pulls and discomfort or otherwise you are not playing Hard enough.

Training the Body is important for 100% on the Field as well as a Mental boost when you feel that the season is draining your or you lack energy. A well organized, full body workout might be just what you need to get you back on track physically and boost your mental as well.

McCourty's Find Home at GE!

- training Devin & Jason since 2006


Devin McCourty transferring his GE Mini Helmet to his Mom's NEW Home when he & Jay moved their Mom out of the house in Spring Valley, NY in the Spring of 2012.

Do we take credit for "Making the McCourty's" into high profile NFL Players? Absolutely not. Are we Proud that we taught them how to strength train in the Summer before their Senior year at St. Joe's - Montvale? Without a doubt, PROUD.

But what's Special is that NOW that Dev & Jay moved their Mom, Phyliss to Montvale, NJ they now can get a workout in at GE when they are home visiting the homefront.

Yes, they both have homes in their respective cities where they play - Jay in Nashville, TN and Devin in Massachusetts. But when they are Home, GE is their Home facility for Strength & Conditioning.

It's called Consistency. It's called Trust. It's a built in RESPECT. So when people want to know who endorses us, or if you are looking for a Testimonial, "Why Good Energy Training?" Think about two brothers who are the BEST at what they Do in the National Football League and they train with Good Energy.

This is not "a View," this IS FACT.

Next Level Training is at GE!

Distractions, Excuses, Laziness

What is IT for you>?


Having lived in the gym my entire life but more specifically and recently have owned and operated a gym for the past 9 years I know one thing.

People like to eat a lot more than they enjoy exercising. The problem is that you WILL live a lot longer if you eat less or at least eat better and WORK Your Heart & Body a Little.

I'll Never forget a new neighbor several years ago who was actually Shocked that I bought cleats for my son's baseball practices and that he sees me "RUN AROUND ALL THE TIME WITH THE KIDS" because the last time he sprinted was the Spring of his Senior year in high school during Gym Class. Really?

It's hard. As a Fitness Professional, you don't want to judge others, but when it's your Passion to Lift Weights and get people IN SHAPE and FASTER, STRONGER & MORE ATHLETIC, you can't help but wonder why Humans would want to eat More than Live Longer.

Just saying...

1,000 Words

Saturday, September 15, 2012


Youngstown, Ohio

Albany vs. Youngstown State

What is this picture of?

"Tackle by defensive end Cory Connell!!"


Good Energy Training is about YOU Achieving your Goals. We Make YOU WORK HARD & Prepare You properly to Perform at YOUR BEST.

Redshirt Freshman, CORY CONNELL is Making IT Happen!

Good Energy Training
Making the Difference for Cory since 2006!

INJURY PREVENTION is Number 1 Priority

Why Good Energy Training?


Pictured is 1/2 the Ramsey HS Freshman Football team performing a Cooldown Stretch in the GE BackYard - "In Season."

Parents - PLEASE READ.

For 9 years we have built a TEAM OF Athletes and Parents who have believed in Our training. All Sports, and All Levels of play. We have scripted thousands of workouts catering to the needs of our clients.

Now that we have expanded to a FULL Service Strength & Conditioning Center we have re-invented ourselves a little bit - providing clients with Fitness Classes, our In House Nutritionist, Cardio area and soon to arrive - Spin bikes.

One concept that stands out is "How we train." Our Training is performed based on where the student-athlete is in his/her season. It's Personal we understand an Athlete's timetable as it relates to their Sport.

We need Clients & Parents to be ALL in, so we can be.

Are you "In Season" or are you beginning your "Off Season." Do you want to Increase Strength, build Muscle & Increase Speed while maintaining Flexibility?

What are your Goals?

Our MAIN GOAL is to Make YOU or your daughter/son Perform Better in their Sport. Any Sport. Dance, Fencing, Swimming, Volleyball, Field Hockey...not just Football, Basketball, Baseball, Soccer or Lacrosse.

Each Sport requires different demands on your child's body and we are here to Cross Train his/her body to maximize performance and minimize injury.

How do we do that?

We know the Game. We research. We study. We use our vast network of professionals in ALL sports and at ALL levels to acquire information and then apply it to our ever evolving program. This is NOT a Cookie Cutter facility. In fact, GE isn't even "just a gym."

We are a Professional Facility that earns a living by supplying humans with the ability to perform better by training with us - and we do it ALL with a Positive Mindset and an Energetic approach.

Parents spend countless dollars on additional Sport Specific Coaches to improve ball skills, bat skills or stick skills. But without a fit, strong and flexible body you are NOT maximizing your son or daughter's ability in their sport.

Performance Training is an Investment to prepare your child physically and mentally to play better before he or she picks up a ball or shoots a puck in competition. Think about it, an injured athlete is short changing themselves from doing what they love. If you don't prepare the Body & Mind you minimize your son or daughter's ability to excel in their game - isnt't that the Ultimate Goal?

Supply your child with the Resources to Be the Best they Can be? Then it's GE - don't wait. Take your son or daughter's athletic aspirations Serious before it's too late and you call around to see who knows a good doctor. That's Real Life.

Good Energy Training
Making A Difference for Our Team since 2003!

Parents have to get "IT."

Being on the same page with Training & Schedule


With the Expansion of GE we have taken our "Front Desk" approach a lot differently. In the past, a Mom or Dad would bring their little All-Star into the Shop and tell us "they want them to learn how to lift" or "heard about us from a client's parent, etc."

Now we are more cautious with how we approach New Prospects that enter our doors. Good Energy Training is NOT for Everyone. We take Our Training Serious and want to have a Positive and Helpful Role in all our Student-Athlete's Athletic Regiments.

When consulting with us, you should be prepared to answer how many days or how often you can commit to training with our Staff. In Season Athletes need to commit to at least 1x per week. Pre-Season and Off-Season Athletes should be prepared to train 2-6x per week dependent on their sport and outside commitments.

You NEED To be "All In" to the commitment of Training with us before we will move forward to training your son or daughter.

Too often in the past we have had adults or student athletes want to train with Good Energy because of our reputation, but NOT be All In. We work around Athlete's schedules ALL the Time and with Every Sport but need to be on the same page with everyone involved, coaches too.

Tennis, Swimming, Hockey, Soccer are ALL tough sports that demand a LOT of "PLAY TIME." However, Good Energy Training can be the necessary "Cross Training" Supplement that will keep these athletes injury free by performing a Total Body Strength Routine and Flexibility/Core Work that will help prevent "Overuse injuries" and over worked muscles in similar movement patterns.

Parents - you must know what you are getting into when you sign up at Good Energy. WE are a Professional Performance Training Center that prides our training on making a difference for committed athletes, not just playing their Sport well, but taking care of their bodies too.

It is Personal.
Our job is to make your son or daughter stronger, more fit, and prepared to play at their best. If that is too personal for you or you don't want that please go somewhere else.

When your son or daughter comes to Good Energy Training they become part of a Team and a Family. We are not a workout place - we are a Culture of Healthy Living People and Devoted Trainers & Coaches for Committed Athletes.

Parents - Be Who U Are!

in Public - at GE - to your kid's


Pictured is Dr. Drew!

He really has no baring on this "View" other than he is a well-dressed Dad coming into GE back in the day.

This "View" is to address ALL the adults I have come across either at Good Energy Training or on the fields during Youth Sporting Events that tell a tale about their Athletic Prowess from years gone by.

Folks, don't you realize we can Google You?

I mean really. Do you think people are going to think less of you if you didn't letter in high school? All you did was volunteer to coach little league baseball? If you know the game, are good with the kids, can make it fun and interesting - you did your duty! Get the kids to sign up next year!

Please don't say you played in College and the college didn't even offer that sport in 1992 or you are not on the "All Time Letter Winner List" in the Media Guide which is accessible to All of us on our phone's via the internet.

Geesh - Come on America!

Since when did 8 year old sports become the Most Popular and High stressed activity for boys and girls? Brownies, Boy Scouts, Church groups, music, art,...are a few other activities they could be doing.

After all, have you been to an 8 year old "travel game?" Lets say "baseball" for that matter. Could All the boys throw and catch? Pitch? Hit a line drive? Bunt? Field a Bunt? If you are actually taking the time to read this "rant" you catch my drift. By the time you get to the end of an 8 year old travel game it has become an activity and everyone is ready to go home.

It ALL starts at Home.

Mom and Dad - let Susie or Tim play "Travel" sports because they want to, not because the neighbors can carpool with you or you can afford to buy the town new uniforms. Sports are supposed to be Fun and quite frankly, great exercise.

In the past 20 years our country has put too much emphasis on "Youth Sports" to the point that, thank God Science has become so progressive just to keep up with the huge influx of Sports related injuries to our youth. Overthrowing, "overplaying" in Baseball, Soccer, Tennis to name a few sports with these repeated issues.

So, Parents - please be wary of throwing your child into the "Youth Sport" Cult because it is not making for a more well rounded little person. In fact, we are putting an emphasis on Goals that are unnecessary because most children do Not progress into Professional Athletes or College Athletes for that matter. So your expectations of them as teenagers sets them up for failure and then what? Teach them that Life is Hard and you can't always get what you work for? Those are not great Life Lessons...

Love your Child. Make Sports Fun. But add some piano lessons, art classes or have your son or daughter just go play in the woods or with the neighbors. Enough structured games with screaming parents that NEVER PLAYED THE GAME and drive home feeling sorry you ever signed your child up and exposed them to such NONSENSE.

Oh yea, Good Energy Training is a Sports Performance Training Center - but for those parents and Athletes that get IT. IT meaning the student-athlete excels at a sport or if not, they have a HUGE Desire to Work Real Hard in our Training Program to build their Confidence & Body to become better to Play their Sport at a Higher Level.

Remember, Good Energy Training as it applies to Sports Performance is for the student-athlete not for the parent to say they come here. Please Mom and Dad - be here for the right reason and help make the proper decisions why your son or daughter is playing on a team that you signed up for and paid the registration.

Gonna MAKE U GET IT if you are GE!

Example 1


So we initiated a Speed Class for Saturday's at Noon. Both IN SEASON and OFF SEASON High School athletes very often have early practice on Saturday or might have off.

Therefore we thought we could get our Athlete's off the couch, computer or out of bed and get an XTRA run IN at Good Energy Training.

We built this 10,000 state of the art facility so adults could participate in classes and perform cardio for a small fee if they decide not to do Personal Training.

The Strength & Conditioning Center at Good Energy and Turf Field was designed for the SERIOUS ATHLETE to become the BEST he or she can be.

Therefore, we have implemented a program that is designed specifically for each athlete dependent on where they are in their season or pre season training.

We will "shake the trees!"
For the past 10 years we have had clients on our cellphones to facilitate scheduling and to motivate and inspire via the mobile phone. We also can annoy you to "DO THE RIGHT THING" and get an "XTRA CONDITIONING SESSION" in when you are just hanging around.

ELITE ATHLETES have to have a routine and the commitment and dedication to be great. It doesn't just happen by putting on the uniform on gameday but rather ALL THE HARD WORK you put in before you put on the Uniform that is the KEY.

WE WILL KEEP FIGHTING THE FIGHT, but look forward to signing up MORE SERIOUS Athletes when they realize what they have here in ALLENDALE, NJ.

Good Energy Training
Making the Difference for YOU!


By Author Unknown


Be thankful that you don't already have everything you desire.
If you did, what would there be to look forward to?
Be thankful when you don't know something,
for it gives you the opportunity to learn.

Be thankful for the difficult times.
During those times you grow.
Be thankful for your limitations,
because they give you opportunities for improvement.
Be thankful for each new challenge,
because it will build your strength and character.

Be thankful for your mistakes. They will teach you valuable lessons.
Be thankful when you're tired and weary,
because it means you've made a difference.

It's easy to be thankful for the good things.
A life of rich fulfillment comes to those who are also thankful for the setbacks.
Gratitude can turn a negative into a positive.
Find a way to be thankful for your troubles,
and they can become your blessings.

Words...Marketing...Standards...Facts & Truth.

Performance Centers & their Slogans, Brands & Following


Pictured is Sean Welch of Ramsey who started at defensive back as a true freshman for Bowdoin College despite being labeled in high school as too undersized to play in college. Behind Sean is Dan Gallagher, an average baseball player for Bergen Catholic who graduated from Fairfield University as the RECORD HOLDER for Most Pitching Appearances in a Career for the Stags.

During this Prowler Workout both guys were exhausted, but we did not capture them SCREAMING during a sled dragging picture so Our Training would be deemed Serious. However, these guys "SERIOUSLY" trained hard on this hot Summer day, gave their ALL and KNOW that there Hard Work made them better from this "MAN MAKER" workout - both for their Sport & Creating a Work Ethic IN Life.

This picture does NOT look tough or imposing to attract NEW clients or student-athlete's wanting to get to the Next Level. But THIS IS Good Energy. If you are ON our TEAM, you know how we train, what our program is all about & why you continue to come back year after year.

For many years Good Energy Inc. promoted itself "making exercise fun for any person with a fitness goal."

In fact, we didn't think it was necessary to Add words like "Serious, Focused, and Elite" because we always have demanded a High Intensity Level in each workout and Preached "Hard Work-Pays Off!"

Now 8+ years in - we are NOW, Good Energy Training - a reputable, and established Strength & Conditioning Center since 2003.

We will continue to take our Brand & Product to the Next Level. We will remain resilient to maintain our Professionalism but command the Intensity & Extreme Dedication that it will take for Athlete's to succeed at the Next Level and for our Client's to Live a Healthy Lifestyle despite the distractors who do not admit to the same ideology that "Being FIT" is a priority.

We will Walk the Walk & get our Client's to the Next Level in the Game of Life without pictures of Barb wire, Chains, Bricks, Skulls, Whips or Blood.

If you are a Warrior, have Barbaric traits or are NEW to this Idea of Working Hard, but are Willing - YOU Will be provided with an Appropriate GE Program to get YOU to Your Next Level. After all, "It's Personal!"

We are excited that our Product continues to get Better year after year, and our Athlete's & Client's Achieve Success not only on the playing field, but IN LIFE.

Good Energy Clients - WINNERS in Life.

Spring Recruiting for Juniors

College Coaches STOP at Good Energy Training


You hear ALL the time that it is "not what you know it's who you know." At Good Energy Training we like to say, "It's not who you know, but who knows you and respects you."

For the past 8 years our Shop has had lots of visits from College coaches that have all gone under the radar. After all, Good Energy is a "Personal" training center and the relationships we have with College coaches are personal as they stop by during their trip to find the next prospect for their school.

Last Thursday Bob Heffner (Northwestern University) stopped by after he visited Don Bosco Prep and before he headed down to Bergen Catholic. "Coach Heff" coached GE Owner Pete Ohnegian in college and got him his shot at the next level with the Tampa Bay Storm of the Arena Football League.

It is an added dimension at our Performance Center that we have the network of friends and colleagues that coach at the Next Level and frequent our Shop when they make the rounds during their Recruiting duties in the northeast.

Good Energy Training is not just a place to workout but a facility that develops Student-Athletes to aspire to get to the top and Be the Best they can be. Division 1, 2 or III.

Thank you to Coach Heff and the coaches at the Next Level who BELIEVE IN Good Energy Training & make our Facility more than a gym but a Stop along their Recruiting visits to find talent & catch up on Life.

Time to Turn in the Sport Coat for Spring Training

Delbarton Head Hockey & Baseball Coach - Bruce Shatel


Sunday - March 13, 2011

Peter McMullen scored off assists from John Bianco and Drew Melanson with 4:41 left in overtime as Delbarton, No. 1 in The Star-Ledger Top 20, recorded a 3-2 victory over No. 2 St. Augustine Prep in the final of the NJSIAA/Devils Non-Public tournament on Sunday at the Prudential Center in Newark.

Most hockey coaches would be lighting up the cigar and calling the videographer to finalize a highlight tape for the post-season dinner.

Not Bruce Shatel!
GE's Roommate at Deerfield Academy will be shaking hands and ackowledging another near flawless year with a humble demeanor & etiquette. He will be cool, calm and collected as he accepts another #1 Ranking in the State of New Jersey and a probable Top 10 finish for the Green Wave in the final 2010-11 National Rankings as well.

What makes Coach Shatel so unique is that he will head to Florida shortly after the State Championship party - to commence a new baseball season with the Green Wave in Boca Raton.

Of course his schedule is excessively overloaded with his obligations to cover missed math lessons and dean of conduct duties, but his unmatched ability to LEAD student-athlete's to Championships & help them reach the pinnacle of their abilities IS what Coach Shatel is ALL about.

Shatel was a two sport standout when I met him 20 years ago in Massachusetts, although we are home grown New Jersey boys.

He excelled as the Captain of Deerfield's hockey team at defense, but with the uncanny ability to create havoc in the opponents end both assisting on and scoring goals.

Bruce was also a prolific third baseman for the Big Green with a solid bat that brought him to the University of Deleware where he excelled for the Blue Hens.

Get it?

Bruce Shatel has always been at the top of his sport in both hockey and baseball. His success as the general for the Green Wave on the ice and the diamond is NO Surprise at GE, but it is worth mentioning!

After all, we do live in a Sports Crazy state and he coaches two of the BEST teams in the Garden State, year after year.

Congratulations, Coach Shatel or as I call him, "Hero!"

Good Energy Training
It's Personal!

Going the EXTRA Yard to Be the BEST!

Spring 2011


Just got off the phone with a Division 1 College Soccer Coach.

Following the review of the College's Excel Workout program forwarded to our incoming freshman student-athlete, we contacted the coach to compare the GE Program with the expectations & testing program implemented by the school.

The Good Energy Training Staff likes to be on the same page with not only the Athlete at our facility but the coaching staff, parents and strength coach.

By touching base with the coaches, we can develop a thorough training program to MAXIMIZE on our Personal Training & create the Positive RESULTS to prepare our Athlete's. In addition, we will incorporate the methodology used in the training program at the school to facilitate a smooth transition to their program for our Athlete.

This communication between our Staff & our Athlete's coaches gives our client the advantage over his fellow teammate who will be new to the program and a step behind the GE Athlete!

What is out there?

So many gyms, performance centers, speed schools - TRAINERS!


The GE REVOLUTION 2010 is over...

And thank God - because it was a SPRINT.

For 12 months our Staff worked our tail off training our Client's with maticulous detail & technique. That was NOT an easy job because we had an influx of NEW personal training clients and our Speed Training gained alot of popularity.

Throughout 2010 we learned from other Pro's and talked the talk of Good Energy Training when we were in Public or social settings. We called on College & Pro Strength Coaches to find out what our Athlete's needed to do at their program and added some new variables to Good Energy Training.

As we now near the end of the first month in 2011, we realize that we are still SPRINTING. It's okay because we are energized, after all WE ARE GOOD ENERGY!

I wanted to share with our website viewers why we can still SPRINT and what separates us, Good Energy Training from all the other gyms, fitness centers, health clubs, speed schools...etc.

We are Knowledgeable Pros, We Care & Have PRIDE.
Good Energy Training - It's Personal!

That is our motto/slogan/Mantra for this year.

Being PERSONAL has completely separated us from EVERYONE the last 8 years. Not only are we former Athlete's, some of us Professional but others serious athletes at one point in our life, we are ALL knowledgeable trainers that care about our Client's, take Pride in each session and do the EXTRA to make IT - Good Energy!

You can train at countless other facilities and have a great workout. But at GE, we make sure that EVERY Workout, every HOUR is great. It's what we do. Because of this ideology and our genuine concern for our clients (not just Athletes) we have developed a TEAM.

Good Energy Fitness Shop has a Coaching Staff:
Kate,Michael, Michele, Andy, Pat, Pete & soon Andrea

In addition, we have a TEAM of clients!

Our TEAM plays at GE because of the workout, but also the environment we have made over the years to make GOOD ENERGY TRAINING different.

The picture says it ALL.

GE SPEED this winter consisted of 10 year old boys, as well as middle school & high school boys and girls and young men & women in College. We did have a sprinkling of adults that we invited to join our Program because we shared our Speed Program with our WHOLE TEAM.

The cooldown stretch on a Thursday fills the field at the Waldwick SuperDome and everyone asks who are WE!

There is A LOT of gyms & training facilities out there - but people are finding out that there is ONE training place that does IT differently.

It's in Allendale, NJ

It's Personal!

Bruce Harper #42 - New York Jets

Brings Happy to the New Year - 2011


Bruce Harper IS Good Energy!

30 years ago, Bruce Harper was a standout All-Purpose Running Back at Kutztown University for legendary Bergen County Football Coach, George Baldwin.

Coach Baldwin knew that the only way this undersized running back (5'8") had a chance at the NFL was with the help of a "lawyer" not a super-agent like today's game.

Coach Baldwin called former player Dwight Morrow's Don Ohnegian (Good Energy's Dad) to walk fellow Maroon Raider-Bruce Harper into the offices of the New York Giants & Jets.

The Giants said, "No thanks" and the Jets said, "We'll give him a shot!" That shot lasted 8 successful years as an All Purpose Running Back & Punt/Kick Returner. Today the Lead Jets fan still wears Harper's #42 Jersey to every game and starts that famous
"J-E-T-S...JETS, JETS JETS" Cheer.

On a pinch we called Bruce Harper to come by a New Year's Day Holiday "get together" to bring well wishes and autographs to the 30+ Jet fans in GE's old neighborhood. Harper didn't hesitate to do it, despite his previous engagement in NYC with his wife.

"Once a Maroon Raider - Always a Maroon Raider"
That was Coach Baldwin's quote to Don Ohnegian when he asked him to help Bruce that day in the late 1970's. Bruce never hesitated when asked last minute on New Year's Day if he could come sign some autographs for some Proud Jets Fans.

As he left on New Year's Day he told everyone (who could fit in the Living Room) - the story of how he became a Jet and that he was forever grateful for Don Ohnegian's willingness to help him reach his Dream without asking for anything in return.

That's Good Energy!
Our thanks to Bruce Harper & GE's Dad.

Good Energy Training
It's Personal!

"What H.S. Kid's get up Saturday am @ 7am... the Summer for Speed Training?"


We will never forget at our Shop the father of a sophomore in high school who signed his son up for a package of 12 sessions at our shop.

He asked what we did for Speed Training because our Shop only had what looked like 15 yds to really run around.

We explained to this Dad, who is also an executive for a national health club chain, that we do have Speed Training that we administer at local fields and indoor facilities. In fact, our Summer Training program is early on Wednesday & Saturday mornings at Ramsey H.S.

He responded:
"What H.S. Kid's get up on a Saturday morning in the Summer to do Speed Training>?"

I then shared with him that we limit our GE TEAM Speed Training to 12 and that our sessions were usually full. We limited the number of GE Client's so we can "personally" Coach each Athlete's movement to ensure improvement in our Speed Training.

Who comes to Saturday morning Speed Training?

Pictured is Cory Connell, Ramsey H.S. Senior Captain - then in 8th Grade - 2006.

He is now 6'3 240lbs and is heading to the University of Albany on a Football Scholarship!
That's who comes to Saturday morning Good Energy Speed!

Good Energy Training
It's Personal!




For the past week there has been Larger Articles "Previewing" the showdown between the Don Bosco and Bergen Catholic football game then the Giants, Jets, Yankees, Mets and the Ryder Cup.

Bergen Record readers have grown accustomed to the fanfare that goes along with some of our local high schools receiving National attention.

At GE we laughed when we saw a Bosco Football picture on page 3 of the Opinion page-Sunday 10.03.10. Apparently readers are upset by Coach Toal's quotes in a previous article declaring he doesn't want his team to be just the "king of the pygmies?"

Coach Toal doesn't need Good Energy to defend him, but he was not purposely putting down the Ironmen opponents in NJ. He was reiterating that he has higher goals for his team.

Unfortunately, the way it was written - it offended some readers. The Bergen Record, however, respectfully shared their views in today's Opinion section.


If every town had competent coaches that knew how to teach a sport and then motivate young people to perform at their best - then everyone would have a venue to cheer down the street for their neighbors. But that is not the case.

In today's era of "budget cutting" and "tenured teachers," parents and their student-athlete children are now stuck with "whomever is next in line for the job."

So, "Mr. Smith" who played high school sports and says he was a back-up at a local community college, now gets to teach & guide your son/daughter on the playing field the next four years. His job is to watch your son/daughter for several hours after school every day and then go on the bus with the team to the game.

The public school coach IS NOT paid to help your student-athlete get into college, make him/her a better person, or motivate your son or daughter to compete and Be the Best he/she can be on a daily basis - both IN the Classroom and on the playing field.

COACH TOAL is running the Don Bosco Program that way. In fact, he run his program that way for many years and in different towns. Good Energy was fortunate to be at the COACH TOAL ROAST last Spring thanks to Bill Kittredge, father of Mike & James - longtime GE CLIENTS.

That night was PROOF of the impact that Coach Toal has had on hundreds of young men over his coaching tenure in Northern NJ including stops at River Dell H.S., Hackensack H.S., Ramapo H.S. and now Don Bosco Prep.

The former players who poked fun at Coach Toal that night, are ALL Successful People in LIFE. These men matriculated from Coach Toal's program and played at Division 1, II and III colleges. Many of the athelete's at Coach Toal's Roast received honors for their athletic prowess at higher levels but that is only a part of the story.

What was most impressive from Coach Toal's night, was how successful the men are TODAY and how Coach Toal molded them to BE BETTER PEOPLE by how he runs his football program!

It's easy to PUT DOWN the Parochial schools for recruiting and question how they raise the money to perform at such a high level and travel to high schools all over the country. It's also not so difficult to pick apart some of Coach Toal's interviews and some of the things he says to motivate his teams...

...but Let's look at the BIG PICTURE!

Coach Toal, Coach Karcich (St. Joe's) and NOW - COACH Nunzio Camoanile are NOT just fielding good teams for their private schools - they ARE MAKING BETTER PEOPLE for our Society today. Through the game called football, they are all instilling confidence and SETTING HIGH GOALS and standards so that their Athlete's DREAM BIG and many of their aspirations, goals and dreams do COME TRUE.

GOOD ENERGY gives CHEERS to these three "old school" coaches who TEACH the game, GET THE MOST out of their student-athletes, and ultimately make their TEAMS become Successful Individuals IN LIFE!


oh yeah....Bosco beat Bergen 38-18 yesterday.

What is GE-Good Energy Training-Athlete's Fitness Shop?



We get asked ALL thet time if we "are like this facility or that gym"...

...It is really a simple answer.


Good Energy Training is not just a gym. We are a TEAM. When a "prospect" comes to train at our Facility, we take their "Introduction" or "Evaluation" very serious. Are they or can they be "GE?" It costs $90. for the initial Assessment Workout - IT IS NOT A FREE TRIAL!

-What type of person are they?
-Will they work hard at our Shop?
-Are they committed to our Training?
-Do they have intensity or toughness?
-Are they mature enough to perform GE Training?

We don't want clients who want to wear our t-shirt, but rather TEAMMATES who will make our Program better. We are a Strength & Conditioning Center. We provide goal-oriented Fitness Training and specialize in Sport's Performance Training. Our Facility is Private and our Sessions are INDIVIDUALLY based not group training. We can and will train teams but prefer to get the most out of every client - 1 hour at a time. Our Athlete's PERFORM AT THEIR HIGHEST LEVEL because our training is programmed for their Success.

Our Staff is Professional and have enjoyed decorated Athletic Careers ourselves. We have walked the WALK and now TALK the talk. We share our Experiences and Knowledge with our clientele to improve their Sport IQ as well as provide them with a better Mental Approach to their Sport or Lifestyle.

Do YOU Get the IDEA?

There is NO Competition. If you are willing to PAY the price to GET BETTER in Life or YOUR SPORT - Our Staff WILL DO everything in our Power to provide you with the TOOLS TO SUCCEED - THAT IS OUR JOB!

Continuing to Educate others - WHAT GE IS ALL ABOUT.

There IS a Right & Wrong way...

...Do it the Right Way.


We are IN the era of neighborhood Bootcamps & Video training...

...part of the GE REVOLUTION `10 is spreading the idea of fitness for life & living a healthier lifestyle.

The GE STAFF does not knock people who don't want to pay for personal training or who perform workouts with their friends and an "in-shape" person from their town for 15$.

What WE DO however, is Fight the Fight to TEACH proper techniques when it comes to Fitness, Training, Exercise, Working out...whatever you call what you do to elevate your heart rate and get stronger.

The GE Philosophy and what our training is predicated on - IS TECHNIQUE and TRAINING PROPERLY.

It was FUN on Saturday - "Teaching" the 7th & 8th Grade Football Players HOW TO do the Agility Ladder properly.

Maybe the Day of the SPEED SCHOOL is gone because only 2 of the 29 Athlete's had been to a Speed School.

Look out. The GE REVOLUTION 2010 is in the process of creating a NEW GE in 2011...we might have to Start TEACHING young Athlete's HOW TO move better - personally, privately - the GE WAY...




We are halfway through our Summer Strength & Conditioning - and Our Athlete's are HALF FULL with GE before they head back to the playing field for Pre-Season.

This past week we started our 2nd Phase in our Summer Program.

Many people are participating in Fitness Programs this Summer. A neighbor is doing the "local Bootcamp" at the high school and it's a great workout.

A relative is doing a bootcamp at a local field with a few friends to stay in shape over the Summer & they are getting alot out of it.

Lots of high schools have started their Captain's practices, 7 vs. 7 tournaments & weight room sessions.


Good Energy has put together not only a SYSTEM that works - we have dozens of believers that are training IN our program as Proof.

Our Speed Sessions as seen in this picture, are competitions! Each SPRINT, EACH Cone Drill our Athlete's are trying to PERFORM AT THEIR BEST and their technique is being closely monitored by our Staff. Our STRENGTH Program is designed so our Athlete's will be rested to RUN, yet pushed to make STRENGTH gains safely & become more Flexible at the same time.

The GOOD ENERGY STRENGTH & CONDITIONING PROGRAM is a one of a kind program. It's a Division 1-A or Professional Sports Team's Program directed for the adolescent, college or Pro Athlete that wants to work HARD in OUR Environment in the Off-Season before their PRE-SEASON.

We get bumps, bruises and hurt - because we play HARD - but our System allows the GE ATHLETE'S to play AT THEIR BEST!

We look forward to the remaining 5 weeks of the "SUMMER PROGRAM" and anticipate a strong TEAM of Winter Athlete's who will get Just As Much out of our FALL PROGRAM following Labor Day.





For over 5 months now we have been preaching in public, on the streets, in our neighborhoods, on this site and in the Shop what Good Energy is ALL about.

It's about Believing in yourself, being confident in your ability to be successful and GOING FOR IT!

Pictured is Greg Stripe, All-Everything for Mahwah H.S. and now a starting Junior wide receiver at Lafayette College. Greg's Dad asked me to "Build GREATNESS" for Greg this Summer in a letter prior to Greg's Summer Training.

That's what Good Energy is ALL about. We are a Strength & Conditioning Center for people in ALL walks of Life, but specifically for those people who WANT the most out of Life and are willing to be pushed with some intensity in our facility to work hard and physically and mentally get More out of Life.

Thanks, Mr. Stripe - for BELIEVING IN GOOD ENERGY! It's not for everyone, because we were not ALL created the same and some humans don't expect the most out of themselves or desire to BE THE BEST!


We treat ALL our Client's like First Round Draft Picks!


Pictured is Paul Schmitt - an Allendale resident who has been re-sculpting his body during the GE REVOLUTION 2010. Paul has not only lost over 20 pounds and several belt holes, but he has gained 10 yards in his irons on the golf course.

(We did try to MAKE HIM TAKE OFF the lehigh shirt and even gave him a NEW GE shirt, but he was too proud of his alma mater.)

It was exciting to speak with Ian Rapoport of the Boston Herald on Tuesday, April 27th with regard to New England Patriots 1st Round Pick, Devin McCourty. Devin trained at Good Energy to get stronger for his senior year at St. Joe's in order to get recruited. In fact, we still have the combined Highlight Tape we made for Jason & Devin so we could send it to colleges.

However, it dawned on our staff that we treat ALL our client's like they are Draft picks and our goal as a Staff is to produce physically and mentally prepared ELITE Athlete's to play at the highest level.

This is what Paul Schmitt had to say about his four months at GE:

A commitment to Good Energy will rejuvenate your athletic skills and provide the foundation for a healthy lifestyle.

Every workout is maticulously organized, unique and closely monitored to optimize results.

Good To Be - "On the Map" with the Boston Herald

Tuesday - April 27, 2010


"Trainer Pete Ohnegian put Devin through his first lift." Tweeted from Ian Rapoport, the New England Patriots Beat Reporter

Ian stopped in on his Devin McCourty information Tour preparing for his "in depth" story on the Patriots 2010 First Round Draft pick.

Following stops at Rutger's to talk with Coach Schiano, St. Joe's and head football coach Tony Karcich, Ian stopped in the Good Energy Shop to find out what Devin was like when he started training his junior year Spring and Summer.

We were excited to have Ian at the Shop and look forward to see how our talk pans out in The Boston Herald on Thursday.

GE certainly can NOT take any credit for how amazing Devin has done in college and at the Combine. But we did reiterate how he and his twin brother are amazing people. I summed it up with three words starting with the Letter H:

HONEST - HUMBLE & HUNGRY. HUNGRY to be the BEST in Football and in life as people!

Enough is ENOUGH - - - Good Energy started thru HARD WORK!

GE REVOLUTION 2010 - The Shop is EVOLVING as You Read This!


When the Shop opened in 2003, Pete Ohnegian wanted to get people more fit - all shapes and sizes, men & women, boys and girls - Athlete's and non-athlete's.

NOW the Revolution is ON...and the Shop has evolved into one of the Premier Performance Centers in the Northeast and we are working on being heard around the USA - after all, the whole world enjoys our website.

But you NEED to know WHY! Because the Professionalism, Philosophy and Mission began years ago in places like the University of Miami locker room, training with other Arena Football League players during our down time from filming Any Given Sunday in 1998.

Good Energy is not just for Athlete's.

It is ONLY for humans who WANT to get better though-physically & mentally-when you come to our Shop or a GE Training Session,


GE - Helping to be Achieve Success in Life!

April 7, 2010


Saw a father of a former client in an office supply store today.

The son had left GE to train at another Performance Center but GE knew he had a succesful high school career & earned a scholarship to a Division 1 school to play football.

But from what the father told me today, then it all crumbled. "The coach left, things happened and then he went to a smaller division but still in Division 1. That did not work out either because other things happened and his son chose to not play anymore."

Conclusion - "Things happen in life."

Moral to the story: Good Energy genuinely cares about every Client that walks in our door. Whether you train for stress relief, fitness or to play a Varsity sport - we try to set you up physically and mentally to accomplish your goals but also succeed in Life.

Our training is not just designed for you to succeed physically, but we encourage mental toughness and never giving up as well.

We want you to get that last Rep and help you succeed. We don't want you to quit or give up on anything and preach - "Fight to the Finish!"

Good Energy spent a lot of time with not only this man's son during his infantile stages of Athletic growth, but also listened to the Dad complain about how he was not starting as a sophomore and it was everyone else's fault.

NOW his son is a junior in college attending classes without the most important thing he spent 20 years doing - running around with a team.

It's not just physical - playing college athletics helps young men and women succeed in life. Four years of commitment, discipline and more structure then just taking classes.

GE is disappointed that we could not help this young man, but not everyone understands what GE is ALL about. It's about Going for IT in Life. Look at the Logo...GE is going for that ball!

Holiday Eating.... you Dive in...and NOT know when to stop?


Okay, so this was last year's plate at Easter and it ALL went down & too easy I might add.

But I remember how sluggish I felt on Monday and that doesn't include the Easter bunny's treats before church - after church - before brunch - after get the idea.

Moral to the story - Supply & Demand!

If you are going to EAT LIKE A CHAMP, then you have to WORKOUT like one also...Otherwise you start that vicious cycle that your stomach and mind start craving to fill up and before you know it you miss a workout, and would rather watch a Tivoed show then sweat a little.

Stay on Track...the Warm Weather is here!

Life is Short...

Play Hard!


Do you have the ENERGY to play with the kid's at the Block Party...or are you tired just watching them play?

Do yourself a favor! Get more fit...

...add Fitness to your weekly routine if it has been that long since your heart rate increased other than putting your shoes on or climbing stairs at work.

If you put in a little or a lot of effort on getting your heart and body in will be that much MORE FUN as a Mom & Dad - and spouse for that matter.

While you are at it - don't disregard how a healthy body helps your mind. Don't you find that "healthy looking" people appear to be happy?

Stop thinking about it and lace up some sneakers!

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