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Strength & Conditioning Coach

Mike Deutch

Mike Deutch

Mike Deutch

Kevin Cline joined our training staff in the Summer of 2012.

Kevin recently graduated from Ithaca College in May of 2012 with a B.S. Degree in Sport & Exercise Science. He is a perfect fit for our newly expanded Strength & Conditioning Center. Kevin's extensive exercise science background is a big plus, but it's his enthusiasm in our facility that is his Ultimate Asset to our team. Kevin loves to workout & is a natural Leader for our Staff.

Kevin was born and raised in Waldwick, NJ and currently resides there. He played Football and Baseball growing up down the street and ran some Track in high school as well. His true passion was for Football in which he excelled as a quarterback and safety at Waldwick. His Leadership in high school was recognized by his teammates as he was named Captain for his senior year.

As a four year member of the Ithaca Blue Bomber football team, Kevin earned time his sophomore and junior seasons as a Special teamer. Four years of Hard Work training during college earned Kevin a starting strong safety position as a senior.

Kevin inquired about GE after he discovered that Waldwick & Montclair State standout, Matt Jimenez was training with the Good Energy Team. Kevin was a natural fit for our Staff and quickly took a Leadership Role with our Summer Clients by motivating & encouraging them during each training session. He was a hard worker not only in the weight room, but the classroom too. These attributes make Kevin another great role model for the GE clientele.

The GE Team is excited to have Kevin on staff. He adds "New Ideas" to our Staff and is a high value & character young man. Kevin's experience both on the playing field and in the science lab coupled with his Positive Attitude & High Energy for Life, adds another Quality Leader to our growing Staff.

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