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We Slow things down...

REAL Football is FAST & Violent.

But to really play great, you have to teach your muscles to do movements instinctively which can be taught and learned if performed properly and repetitively.

Here's Tyrell Smith (DBP/Virginia Tech) working on hand movement and placement. Tyrell was an All American Offensive Tackle for Don Bosco Prep in High School and will switch to Center for the Hokies at the D1 Level.

We Teach Pee Wee's to Pro's in the GE BackYard.

Old School Junior Football

When we get the pads on, we do tend to drift to what we loved as a kid. In today's world of "Trying to Win" we lose a lot in the process. We ARE THE PROCESS at GE and will bring your kid back to the 60's and 70's performing monkey rolls, Nutcracker Drill & Bull in the Ring.

For the last three years the boys have had FUN, tried Hard and have not gotten hurt learning to play Football in the GE BackYard.

Why GE Summer Camp?

We are not just former high school football players who are teaching what we know. We travel to college and pro practices and learn from the Best so we can provide the newest techniques, cue technique properly and give your son the best teaching and coaching he can receive before he gets to the Next Level. (Picture from Rutgers Spring Practice - DLine Coach/Jim Panagos)

ALL Positions - Skill Work

We will break off for Position Specific skill work and perform drills that will help your son learn more nuances of the game of football and be more prepared for his position mentally and physically.

PADS, NO PADS & Beginners

We have both Padded and Non Padded weeks for Pee Wee/Junior Football players.

Our Football Camps teach you "the Basics" in a Positive environment. We will coach you to perform techniques properly without the pressure of "Making the Team" and will perfect your game before you play with your team.

DLINE Basics

For these HS & College OL/DL & TE's we will focus on "get offs" with proper pad level, first step quickness and arm extension.

We don't just "go through the motions" during GE Summer Football Camps - we teach, coach & look for improvement in each drill and technique.

BACK to Basics

During our Summer Football Camps or in this picture OL/DL Football Specific Practice - we start basic. We will perform a dynamic stretch, a movement prep or Form Run and then begin with the basics: Stances, Starts, Steps.

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